New Kristen and Chris interview with Dutch Magazine ‘Stars’

Kristen and Chris, sturdy fairytale couple.

It takes some getting used to see Kristen Stewart with different hunks than Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner. But to be honest, she and Chris Hemsworth look like a promising couple in Snow White and The Huntsman. Kristen isn’t a vampire girlfriend anymore, but a kick ass princess, while Chris plays a handsome huntsman. STARS went to LA for an exclusive interview.

Q:This is your first big movie without Rob and Taylor. Didn’t you miss them, Kristen?

K: Of course I missed my boys. They became my family through the years and it’s weird not to see them when you get on set in the morning. But fortunately was Chris by my side. We became very closed very fast so he was the perfect replacement for my two buddy’s.

C: I really thought I was lucky to like Kristen because I had an opponent I didn’t like for a several times. And it’s hard to play together every day and pretend you like each other. Kris is a darling, she takes her job very seriously and I like that. And even more important; she isn’t a diva.


More of the interview below!


StyleStew Saturday

This is one of my favorite casual Kristen moments! Not only is it so easy to copy, but how comfortable and cool does she look?! Rocking her Simdog zipper tee with her American Apparel hoodie and black beanie, Kristen has fun in Australia promoting ‘Eclipse’ with Taylor Lautner.

The best part is you don’t even have to spend a lot of money to recreate this look. All you need is a black zip-up hoodie, an edgy, graphic tank and a dark pair of jeans.  Putting a couple of elastics on your wrists with some cord bracelets make for simple accessories!  The beanie is the key to this outfit, which can be found in any surf shop! I actually found one just like Kristen’s at Gap in the Men’s section during the holiday season and it fit perfectly!

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Kristen in Australia 2010