Rob’s Appearance at LCMA Event Mentioned in Harper’s Bazaar UK


Robert Pattinson (whose James Dean eyebrows and brooding, expressive face render him utterly compelling…

Welch, Robert Pattinson, Evan Rachel Wood, Jamie Bell, and a few decorative Californian strays pile into the hotel’s lobby …and take turns tinkling the well-worn ivory on the hotel’s legendary white grand piano. Pattinson, who plays piano and guitar, talks lyrics with Welch…

View the HQs, videos, & tweets of Rob at the LACMA event that was on October 27, 2012 here, here, here, and here.

Source: Harper’s Bazaar UK / Via @gossipgyal

StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day

StrictlyRobsten Quote of the Day


Kristen Stewart, Nylon Magazine, March 2009

Nobody should ever put what I say in a magazine.”

This is one of my very favorite quotes from Kristen. Why? Because it defines her relationship with the press and media in general. Kristen knows herself better than anybody and she always has. She knew her flaws and her weaknesses well before the mainstream media started picking her apart for every little stutter or misstep of “word vomit.” LOL! Kristen is a very insightful person and always has been. At least, we at StrictlyRobsten, think so. ;)


Source: Nylon


Kristen’s Interview in Elle UK About Her Style Evolution



I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN A TOMBOY. I wanted to look like my older brother when I was younger. I lived in hand-me-downs and was always borrowing his clothes. My earliest fashion memory is cutting up an old pair of Levi’s and going to careers day at nursery dressed as a rock star.

MY FILM COSTUMES MEAN A LOT TO ME. I usually take one or two things from each film as a souvenir. It’s fun to put that suff on; it reminds you of good times. I have my armour from Snow White and the Huntsman and still wear the T-shirts from The Runaways; I gave the leather jacket I wore to Joan Jett, the Blackhearts frontwoman [who I played in the film], with a note scrawled on the back in white pen.

IT’S CLEAR WHEN I DON’T LIKE MY OUTFIT. I’ve always worked with the same stylist, Tara Swennen, who I love, but I’ve definitely had fashion regrets, which I can’t reveal – I’d hate to offend anyone. But I’m way more comfortable now. The other day I realised I do actually have more than one pair of jeans and a T-shirt. I have some cool stuff that I need to start wearing.

I LOVE STELLA McCARTNEY. She’s so talented and I’m drawn to simplicity – I’m not really into adornments and decoration. If you were to mix Patti Smith (1) and Brigitte Bardot (2) to make one person, she would be my style icon.

MY MOST TREASURED ITEM is the leather jacket Balenciaga gave me. I would be devastated if I lost it. I live in it! It started off fairly sturdy but now it feels like a blanket.

FASHION INSPIRES SELF-DISCOVERY. I first met Nicholas Ghesquiere [ex-Balenciaga creative director] on a shoot six years ago. Our interests go hand in hand. What I love about my job as an actress is that you can discover aspects of yourself that are really surprising and fashion inspires you in exactly the same way.

MY FIRST FASHION SHOW was Burberry a/w 2010. Claire Danes was sitting across from me, which was very exciting. I love her! It opened my eyes to the world of fashion. It’s so cool to look at a fashion show as a whole because they’re like little movies, every single detail is carefully considered.

MY JEWELERY IS ALL INSANELY AND DEEPLY IMPORTANT TO ME. I have all the rings that I wore as Bella in Twilight, including her wedding ring. My other treasured pieces are mainly vintage and a Cartier ‘Nail’ bracelet that I wear a lot.

PERFUME IS LIKE AN ACCESSORY. I’d never worn a scent before I tried Balenciaga Florabotanica, but like clothes can make you aware of different aspects of yourself so a smell can elevate you. There’s something hot about it – a little heated and slightly more dangerous than the name suggests.

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25 DAYS OF RK: December 17th

ABC Family does 25 Days Of Christmas & shows you a bunch of Christmas movies and shows….

We’re doing 25 Days Of RK!

Each day we’ll post :

  • a fan-fic recommendation: 1 completed or 1 WIP (work in progress)
  • one of our favorite RK pictures
  • Random ;)

Feel free to comment/tweet us your favorites as well!


DECEMBER 17th 2012

Completed fanfic:

Code Of Conduct by MandyLeigh87

(This choice is dedicated to Team HBG girls! )

Favorite RK picture: San Diego Comic-Con 2011

Kristen+Stewart+Twilight+Saga+Breaking+Dawn+JbqlhDBXU5Kl Something we love about RK:

They support each other and their various projects (i.e. Kristen visiting Rob on the Water for Elephants and Bel Ami sets AND Rob visiting Kristen on the On The Road set).

Paul Becker (BD1&2 Chereographer) Talks Rob & Kristen

Paul Becker talks about Kristen’s dancing skills, saying Rob was the one having difficulty!

Despite the fact that Kristen Stewart’s character in Twilight is supposed to be totally clumsy with two left feet, Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2 choreographer Paul Becker says that’s far from the truth.

“At first it was actually Rob [Pattinson] that was stepping on Kristen’s toes and not the other way around,” Paul tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

Of course he’s referring to their now infamous wedding dance scene, confirming what we kind of already knew about Kristen–which is that KStew can probably do anything a dude can do, but do it better.

In the movie she’s supposed to be a bad dancer, but Kristen took charge and let Rob know who is boss…they were supportive partners and quick learners,” the choreographer tells us.

Source: Hollyscoop