(Unedited) Full Interview of Rob on Ellen!

Here is the (unedited) full interview of Robert Pattinson on Ellen today. Rob seemed to be a little more at ease during this interview than some others he’s done recently…probably because Ellen is witty,funny, and makes him feel more relaxed! :) Lots of fun topics in this interview such as Ellen underwear, saving snails, and the amazing Lubbock police in Texas! haha (I’m so glad Robert likes Texas..*wink wink*) Enjoy!

Source: YouTube

“Sexy Sex” with Rob & Reese!

Such a cute interview including Robert and Reese talking about their love scene in Water for Elephants. The interview starts out with a comment from Reese stating, “We just want to set it straight. We had a really sexy sex scene!” I just love her easy going and witty personality! It’s going to a great movie!!

“Sexy doesn’t cover it,” the actress laughed. “I don’t know how we got this rating. That’s all I’m gonna say!”

Pattinson admitted to shedding some tears during their intimate movie moments. “I’m totally okay with crying at her beauty,” he said. Reese added, “He just gets very emotional during sex scenes.”
(For a photo gallery of the premiere, make sure to click here.)
Source: ExtraTV