More WFE Premiere Interviews!

It seems that Robert tends to lean on Reese to answer a lot of the questions…haha I wish there would’ve been more time for Rob to answer questions. I can’t imagine how hectic this day must have been for him! He definitely looked very classy and well put together! It’s cute how he mentioned he’s “wanted to work with Reese his whole life…again!” (Referring to their mother/son relationship in Vanity Fair) They seem to have a great friendship!


A view of a quick line of interviews including one from He’s definitely not hard on the eyes! *wink wink*


Rob At WFE Premiere in NYC

Here is the MASTER POST of Rob’s WFE Interviews at the NYC Premiere:
I LOVE THIS PICTURE!  Jawporn front and center ;)
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KStew and Rob Inseparable At WFE Premiere

Kristen and Rob were spotted leaving the WFE Premiere touching each other and holding hands.  I have to admit that I had my doubts about her showing up tonight, but AM SO GLAD that she did .. she HAD to support her man!  This totally debunks those STUPID rumors about them being on a “break.”  I’m still waiting for a better pic of her dress … I mean why dress up if it isn’t photographed (especially when we know KStew hates dressing up)!?!  From what I saw on the runway, KStew should/looks drop-dead gorgeous in it!  Kudos to her stylist!

Pic via @epnebelle

Kristen’s WFE Premiere dress minus the shrug :)  Absolutely gorgeous!

From @Glambr:

He arrived a couple minutes into the movie starting and took his seat next to Kristin, who’d been craning her neck anxiously awaiting his (albeit totally late) arrival. The two whispered to each other a lot throughout the flick (which I thought was excellent, BTW. The Depression-era circus set was totally believable and well done, as were the costumes and makeup) though I saw no PDA. Robert Pattinson wore a black suit and his hair looked washed and only slightly disheveled. Her hair was down and she wore a tan/beige silk one-shouldered dress. She’s VERY tiny in person. The couple waited till the end of the credits before leaving together..”

UPDATE: Finally, here is a WAY BETTER pic of KStew in her WFE Premiere dress!  Love her, love the dress :)