Kellan Lutz Talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ Wedding w/ InStyle

InStyle: What was it like filming Bella and Edward’s wedding in Breaking Dawn?Kellan: Well. it sucked for the girls because it kept raining. I was comfy in a suit, but they were in dresses and looked, well, vampirically pale because it was so cold! But it turned out beautifully. Kristen [Stewart] looked good in that dress and Rob [Pattinson], of course, was studly. The fans are going to melt and swoon.

Scans via kstewangel / Via

MyAnna Buring Talks About Kristen & Breaking Dawn Wedding

Forward to 0:43 to hear about Bella’s wedding dress. “I thought the dress was stunning. I mean, breathtakingly beautiful.”

Forward to 1:53 to hear about what it was like working with Kristen. “Kristen is amazing. She’s a really, really awesome girl. She’s cool. I think she’s got great opinions. I think she sticks up for them and I think that’s rare in this business. And she’s great and fun to work with; I loved it.”

Forward to 3:00 to hear about why she thinks Rob is one of the most adored male stars on the planet. “I think its because he’s beautiful inside and out.”

MyAnna plays Tanya in Breaking Dawn Part 1 & 2.