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Melissa (@StewPattzGNF)

I’ve been a Twilight fan since the Summer of 2007.  The best part about the series, and where my obsession originates, is the idea of falling in love with fate.

I first discovered Kristen in The Messengers, and was pleased that she was cast as Bella because she seemed to fit the criteria of Bella in my mind.  Since Twilight, I made it a hobby to collect her movies and magazine covers.  I’ve watched ALL of her 23 movies and am still on the hunt for some mags!  Her range as an actress is incredible! My favorite non-Twilight movie of hers would have to be On The Road. I was lucky enough to see this film in Paris while I was studying abroad there and was completely blown away by her performance in it.

Now, for Robert, I discovered him in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  At the time, I thought he was the hottest/sexiest character in the series and was saddened that his character died off at the end of the movie … no more Rob in HP.  Ironically, when I heard he was cast as Edward, I was upset.  I read Twilight, picturing an A&F model (at the time, that was my ideal guy — given I was in High School still *embarrassing*).  It took me awhile to accept him in the role.

I think what did it in for me was the chemistry he had with Kristen.  Hence the reason this site exists.

Fun facts: I have traveled to nearly all of the Twilight Saga’s set locations–Montepulcianno, Italy, Baton Rouge, LA, and Vancouver/Squamish, B.C., Canada.  I still have the Oregon/Washington sets to visit.

I met Rob and Kristen on November 12, 2012 at the World Premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2 in Los Angeles, California.

Please feel free to start a convo w/ me on twitter! I LOVE talking all things Robsten 😉

Thank you so much for all of your support!

 Kelsey (@kelsey23rk)


Hi! I work as an editorial assistant for a major book publishing company in the Midwest U.S., and I LOVE reading books (so much that I get paid for it!). I also am in the midst of writing my first novel, a YA Urban Fantasy. I LOVE Rob and Kristen, and I’m also a big fan of the Twilight movies.

What I love about Kristen the most is how genuine she is. She seems like she would be the most loyal, caring best friend to someone, and I love that you can tell that just by listening to her in interviews! I also love how true she stays to herself, and that she doesn’t play the “Hollywood Game.” My favorite non-Twilight movie of hers so far is Welcome to the Rileys.

What I love about Rob the most (…besides how gorgeous he is, obvi) is (like Kristen) how sincere and normal he is. His quirkiness cracks me up in interviews, and he seems like the most down-to-earth guy you’d love to grab a beer and talk about completely random stuff with. My favorite non-Twilight movie of his so far is Water for Elephants.

I think the two of them together make a stunning couple, and I’ve never seen their chemistry together matched by any other Hollywood couple. Their dynamic around each other reminds me somewhat of me and my husband (I’m a newlywed 🙂 ), and I will always root for them.

Please follow me on Twitter! I’d love to chat with you 🙂

Me and my friend Jasmine at the Chinese Theater :) I'm the blindingly white one.
Me and my best friend Jasmine at the Chinese Theater 🙂 I’m the blindingly white one.

Nicole (@cityofkristens)


Hiyaaa! I’m recently a franctically-looking-for-a-job hairdresser from Europe, Hungary. My love for Kristen came with Twilight in late 2008/early 2009, even though I saw some of her other works before. I ‘met’ Rob in Harry Potter, since that was my first obsession.

I could go on forever that what I love about them but to make it simple, I love their honesty, their down-to-earth personality and how they’re not Hollywood at all. My favorite non-Twilight movies are from Kristen is On The Road and from Robert is Little Ashes. (I am an indie film fan, so I really love when they play in that kind of movies.)

Fun fact which is more like sad fact, I never met any of them, never been on a premiere or any other event they were. (Living in the middle of nowhere isn’t fun. At all.)

So I think that’s all for here, you can totally talk to/follow me on Twitter, I love talking with others, but I have to warn you, I am a multifandom account so I’m not 100% Robsten.

So here's a perfectly mundane selfie of me.
So here’s a perfectly mundane selfie of me.

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  1. I just want to let you know that I really, really love your site, I follow you on Twitter and I start following you with all the Kristen scandal because I didn’t like how the other site that I was following handel it, and you did it so professionally, so well, so good that I feel that I need to congratulated you and to encouraged you to keep with the wonderful work.
    Hugs from Honduras in Central America.

  2. Now that “On the Road” release date has been established as either July 30 or August 6, when in the blue blazes is the U.S. DVD release date for “My Brother the Devil”?

  3. You gals r great! All had personal contact with robsten one time or another. Please tell me how I can see them. Do I just go to premieres to start with or contact their fan base. I envy you gals! Love Robsten til pigs can fly. Please advice?

  4. I love your website, its always up to date. 🙂 But why didn’t you post the pics of Kristen what are taken lately in Berlin? 🙂

  5. We do not post Paparazzi photographs, especially ones taken with complete disregard for the subject’s privacy. It’s a policy we’ve enacted since August 2012.

    • Hi girls! I’m Sara and I am writing from Italy. I would like to thank you for the news you always give us about Kris and Rob. Please never give up! I really love them and I hope they would come back together soon!

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