Kristen on The Fug Girls’ “11 Most Surprisingly Stylish Celebrities of 2011″

Kristen Stewart
Kristen really earned this one — and not just for heroically maintaining her cool while promoting a movie in which (spoiler!) a vampire infant is chewed out of her body and then bewitches her wolf bestie. In fact, after several years of standing in the spotlight looking like someone put itching powder in her britches (and that disastrous Runaways haircut, which felt like it took the life span of a Cullen to grow out), Stewart finally relaxed and hit her stride. She attended endless premieres and press events for Twilight — and all the teen- and tween-oriented awards shows it dominates — having finally nailed the exact right calmly glamorous look that mixes elegance with her trademark edge (and leg). Maybe she’s just relieved people can stop asking her about uterus-chewing, but we prefer to believe she’s just … dare we say it…happy.

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Interview w/ Kristen in Radiographia Mag


Although a little shy, we found all the secrets of the beautiful Kristen Stewart, who is a really cool girl.

1. Favorite Male Singer: Van Morrison.

2. Favorite Music: “Madame George,” Van Morrison.

3. Place to Live: We shot most of the ‘Twilight Saga’ in Vancouver. I fell for that city. It’s so beautiful. I experienced a very different climate than I am used to in Los Angeles.

4. Something you should know about you: I’m very obsessed with my cat “Max”.

5. I love: cooking and experimenting with food. I make very good pies.

6. A secret: When I’m nervous I start to sweat a lot.

7. Drawing Disney favorite: “The Jungle Book.” I love to do the voice of “The Jungle Book”

8. My obsession: The food channels, I especially like Paula Deen, that I find very funny.

9. Style of dress: I have different versions of me and a uniform standard, they are my jeans.

10. Friendships: I am a very loyal friend. Once people are part of my clan, they do not leave easily. I made ​​such amazing friends in the ‘Twilight Saga’, which always keep close to my heart.

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Rob and Kristen Makes Forbes’ “Top-Grossing Actors of 2011″

#4 Robert Pattinson

$750 million
Pattinson’s biggest hit of the year was Breaking Dawn, the fourth Twilight movie. But he also earns from Water for Elephants which brought in $117 million.

#6 Kristen Stewart
$633 million
The only woman on our list, Stewart earned only from the latest Twilight movie this year. Next year she’s got the potential to earn a lot more thanks to a final Twilight movie and Snow White and the Huntsman.