Holliday Grainger Talks About Working With Rob Again During ‘Bel Ami’

Holliday talks about working with Rob again and how he’s still the same down to earth person he was before which is pretty remarkable. She also mentions how crazy it was filming ‘Bel Ami’ in Budapest in regards to all the fans wanting to see Robert.
It’s amazing how different the two of them look now all grown up. The picture above shows them working together in Bad Mother’s Handbook in 2007. Below are current pictures of Rob & Holliday.

VIDEO: Best Kisses From Movies & TV Includes Twilight’s Edward & Bella

I came across this video while web surfing on YouTube last night. If we’re talking about best kisses, obviously a well-rounded and knowledgable person would know to include a few Bella & Edward kisses! So of course, Daydreamed did! There’s also a clip from In The Land Of Women with Carter & Lucy’s kiss. Not only do I want you to see this video because it’s filled with romantic kisses, but you have to hear the song in the video: “This Year’s Love” by David Gray. The only way I can describe the song in this video is amazing.

Click here to watch the video