Robsten MOTD

1) Kristen would never be wearing that outfit
2) They unfortunately could not be walking in public like that without getting loads of attention
This is a really cute picture! I’m sure being able to do that is their dream!

BFD Friday!

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you are enjoying the start to your weekend!

Yes, we’ve seen this interview a million and one times. I can say I’ve seen it about that or more! Since Rob and Kristen have come such a long way as a couple, I always think it’s fun and interesting to take a look back at much earlier interviews of them before they made the jump from offscreen to onscreen.  I get a wave of nostalgia when I watch this! Now, we all knew they had amazing chemistry and would eventually get together, but who could predict how they are with each other in public now! They’ve changed so much since this French interview in 2008, and it’s adorable Robsten banter at its best!

I love when they say they could never fall for each other in real life! Yeah, right, guys! ;) I wonder what they were REALLY thinking in that exact moment?

The cutest moment is when the question is “Can you sing a song in French?” and Rob goes, “I asked you first” and Kristen’s like “uh-uh” and so candidly, Rob asks, “Why?” The way he says it sounds so begging. Like, Why notttttt. Come onn! haha

“You gotta go really fast…that’s normally quite good, especially with Kristen. In the face.”

Which question/answer is your favorite part of this interview? Comment below!