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Yes, we’ve seen this interview a million and one times. I can say I’ve seen it about that or more! Since Rob and Kristen have come such a long way as a couple, I always think it’s fun and interesting to take a look back at much earlier interviews of them before they made the jump from offscreen to onscreen.  I get a wave of nostalgia when I watch this! Now, we all knew they had amazing chemistry and would eventually get together, but who could predict how they are with each other in public now! They’ve changed so much since this French interview in 2008, and it’s adorable Robsten banter at its best!

I love when they say they could never fall for each other in real life! Yeah, right, guys! ;) I wonder what they were REALLY thinking in that exact moment?

The cutest moment is when the question is “Can you sing a song in French?” and Rob goes, “I asked you first” and Kristen’s like “uh-uh” and so candidly, Rob asks, “Why?” The way he says it sounds so begging. Like, Why notttttt. Come onn! haha

“You gotta go really fast…that’s normally quite good, especially with Kristen. In the face.”

Which question/answer is your favorite part of this interview? Comment below!

Kristen Stewart & other celebs in Ralph Lauren parka this season

Ralph Lauren’s Denim & Supply label may have only just launched, but it seems its debut collection is already winning some celebrity fans.

The brand’s Chino Cotton Field Jacket, a classic parka with a removable faux fur-trimmed hood, has already proved a winner, having been spotted on no less than three A-list names since it hit stores.

Natalie Portman was the latest to be spotted in the must-have item, which retails for a very reasonable $185 in the U.S. (slightly less so on the UK site at £220). 

But she was by no means the first. Kristen Stewart was seen wearing hers in London, sans hood, using it to ward off the drizzle and chill between press junkets.

 Click here to see how other celebs wore it!


Patricia McKenzie Talks About Robert With A Taser Gun In ‘Cosmopolis’

Cosmopolis Italia had a chance to sit down with Patricia McKenzie who plays Kendra Hays alongside Robert Pattinson in ‘Cosmopolis.’ Here are a few questions from the interview where she mentions working with Rob.

CI: In “Cosmopolis” you play Kendra Hays, Can you tell us something about her? Who is Kendra?
PM: Kendra is an exhibitionist who craves power and wants to dominate Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) sexually. She was initially hired to be his bodyguard, but quickly becomes his lover. They are opposites in many ways, but both are hollow inside and searching for meaning in their existence. Ultimately, they risk leaving each other feeling as empty as they started.

CI: Did you give any workout tips to Robert Pattinson? How about your own workout schedule?
PM: Our love scene happened one month ahead of schedule so neither of us had time to get in the exact shape we wanted to be in, but I did a juice fast three days prior, and he went to the pub and drank a beer. Rob already has an incredible screen presence that comes easily to him, so he is very relaxed about how he appears.
A few months before we started shooting, I started boxing and combat training and I did a 3 week detox. It was something I always wanted to try, so I used the film as my motivation. I really enjoyed the process and have integrated the healthy eating and the boxing into my lifestyle.

CI: One of your scene involves you shooting Robert with a taser gun..did something funny happened that day? can you tell us something about it?
PM: For me the funny thing was that everyone approached the scene with no idea what was going to happen, but to be ready for anything. David, Robert and I explored it together, the way we might do if it were a play. We thought we had it nailed down, so we took a lunch break for the crew to light the scene. Then, after lunch, David said he wanted to shoot the scene a different way so the crew took time to re-light everything and Robert and I had time to bond a bit more before we started shooting the love scene. The result is amazing, very sexy, tense and humorous. I can’t really say what happens with the taser, you will have to see the movie to find out!