StyleStew Saturday

So, I’ll admit, it took me a while to love Kristen’s post-Joan Jett hairstyle, but once it grew out to look like how it did for the New Moon press tour, I couldn’t get enough of her edgy-cool-little-black-dress trend. I had a hard time deciding which of these looks below to choose this week, so I did both! They’re pretty similar with the subtle leather and see-through details.

Kristen in Balenciaga at the New Moon fan event in Madrid:
I loved this look because it’s actually a multi-patterned top with a skirt and Kristen doesn’t usually wear skirts.  The ankle booties are killer too, which complete her rock and roll glam attire. And just look at the sheer material showing some side-cleavage! Ow ow!
Kristen in Elizabeth & James at the New Moon photocall in Madrid:
This one is my favorite of the two and something I would totally wear! I love the different elements to the dress with the sheer at the top, the leather in the middle, and the cotton at the bottom with the side pockets (a must-have!)  Of course, you can never go wrong with a pair of Louboutin heels, but the deep red (reminds me of blood, how appropriate!) are more fun than her usual black heel she does.

With both dresses under $80, each one reminded me of Kristen’s two unique, but similar looks. Look for a dress with sheer material above the waist and leather incorporated into it somehow. All you need are a pair of black leather booties or a deep red heel, which you can wear with either dress, actually!  Also, add one or two black bracelets as a small touch, maybe something with silver beads or studs and you’re just about as rock-and-roll glam as Kristen!

Have an eye open for next week’s StyleStew Saturday! It’s one of my favorite casual outfits of hers and is easy for dress-up or down!  Hint: It’s from the same press tour! ;) Have a great weekend, everyone!

Will Kopelman is Rob’s Art Consultant


Drew Barrymore’s fiance, Will Kopelman, is an art consultant for high profile celebrities such as Robert Pattinson. Hmm I wonder if he is currently helping Rob choose pieces for his new love shack with Kristen????? ;)

From People:
He’s a top art advisor
Barrymore has gone for bar owners and comedians, but this time she went for an arty guy: Kopelman is a successful consultant with high-profile clients from Robert Pattinson to Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard to Silicon Valley billionaires. 

From US Weekly:
He’s an art consultant with some A-list clients. Kopelman has helped pick out and curate the art collections of such stars as Zooey Deschanel, Robert Pattinson and actress Lake Bell. Kopelman helped Twilight hunk Pattinson, 25, pick out the works of young up-and-coming artists for his abode in L.A.


Carolina Herrera Talks Kristen’s Wedding Dress Fitting

We knew the gown Carolina Herrera created specifically for the Breaking Dawn wedding took six months to design and that it left Robert Pattinson floored, but in the new issue of Town & Country Weddings, the designer reveals Kristen Stewart‘s very personal reaction.

“We did three fittings. When she initially put on the dress and looked over her shoulder into the mirror, she was very moved,” Herrera tells the mag, on stands Wednesday. “In that moment she was not an actress or a character in a film but instead a bride, and a happy one at that.”

The dress seen in the sketch (above) is what the designer calls a “union between Stephenie [Meyer's] description in the book and the Herrera bridal aesthetic” — something she has been perfecting for 25 years.

“I took into consideration the character of Bella and Kristen’s portrayal of her, and what this fantasy character would choose to wear for the most important day of her life,” she explains of the masterpiece, which retails for $35,000. “It’s made of a crepe satin with two inserts on the front and beautiful silk thread topstitching. The neckline is a slight V, just enough to see the collarbones. The back is oval-shaped, with a Chantilly lace border veiled in tulle. It’s very romantic, and when all the details come together, it creates a vision specific to Bella’s style and personality.”