New/Old Pic of Robert With Ayanna Berkshire From ‘Twilight’ + Cute Story Meeting His Parents

PP: Your scene in the movie did not involve Robert Pattinson, but did you see him on set at all during the filming of the movie? Were you familiar with him before this movie? 

AB: I was aware of Robert from Harry Potter: Goblet of Fire and from a small role in Vanity Fair. I met him on set at lunch one day, because he was shooting another scene right after us and we all ended up having lunch together. He was funny, charming and incredibly friendly, really very normal, which comes as no surprise.

Inside story: Two days after that lunch I was back to work at my part time job, I worked in an eyeglass shop in Portland named Visage Eyewear. While I was there, an absolutely adorable British couple came in. We INSTANTLY bonded and I ended up talking with them for close to two hours. About an hour in, I finally asked what brought them to Portland and they told me that they were visiting their son, who was working in town. I asked them what he did for work and they told me he was an actor! “REALLY”, I said. (I get really excited for fellow actors, especially since I know every last one in town), “I’m an actor too!! What’s his name? Is he working on anything at the moment?” That’s when they both got a little quiet, “Oh, he’s working on a movie here…” I took a look at both of them again, took in their accents and it suddenly dawned on me. “Is your son Rob?” I asked. They both got this wide-eyed look on their face like they weren’t sure if they should say yes or no. “I JUST worked with him two days ago!” I said, “I loved him, what a great guy!” They both seemed completely relieved that they could tell their secret without having to say anything. After that, we had an even better time and if I remember correctly, they even brought me ice cream from the ice cream shop across the street. For the record, Robert Pattinson has awesome parents!

During the Wrap party for Twilight, a friend of mine (he played one of the frat boys), Rob and I were all standing around talking. I wanted to do an impromptu photo shoot, where either I was about to bite Rob, or vice versa… it ended in a total fail as neither one of us knew who was supposed to bite who. I hope I’ll be forgiven for sharing this less than flattering pic.*

PP: Did you have any idea, being in the first of a five movie series, that Twilight would become so big and that Robert Pattinson would go on to become as famous as he did?

AB: I think that the success of the movies came as a surprise to everyone. I’d had an idea that they were going to be huge just because EVERYONE seemed to be reading the books!

I think that anyone who played the role of Edward was going to experience mega fandom. Edward, of all the characters was the most untouchable, the most mysterious and the sexiest. To watch that type of character brought to real life by an actor (especially an actor like Robert who is fun, approachable and handsome, but who was still sort of a mystery himself), it becomes this instant gratification. The character was written with such passion that as a reader, you want that passion for yourself. It also didn’t hurt that Robert was coming from Harry Potter and had a built in audience who were already excited to see him in something new.


Kristen’s ‘AKIRA’ Project on the Outs

Warner Bros.’ live-action “Akira” remake has hit another speed-bump on its long road to starting production.

Studio confirms it has shut down pre-production at the Vancouver offices as the film’s creative team reworks the script. Though it’s been reported that WB wants to whittle down the $90 million budget — which was cut once already — insiders tell Variety that the budget is fine, and studio execs are dithering over the script and cast.

Though the sci-fi epic has already gone through a handful of rewrites, including expensive buff-ups from Steve Kloves and David James Kelly, insiders say a new writer will probably be brought on to work with helmer Jaume Collet-Sera and producers Jennifer Davisson Killoran and Andrew Lazar over the next two weeks, focusing more on character-driven elements.

While no one has been offered the rewrite job, the studio has already begun looking at several writers, including Jonah Nolan (“The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”) and Michael Green (“Green Lantern”).

Sources stress that this in no way means the project is dead — the studio is bullish on getting it together.

WB prexy Jeff Robinov had met with the “Akira” team to discuss several things, including the second lead opposite Garrett Hedlund. Choices had been narrowed down to Michael Pitt and “Chronicle” star Dane DeHaan, but the studio wanted to wait until after the holidays to decide; now it looks like that decision will be delayed further.

It’s been a long string of stops and starts for a live-action “Akira,” which has been in development at the studio since it acquired the rights to the Japanese manga classic in 2008. Albert Hughes came on to direct last year, only to drop out of the project in the summer. Collet-Sera was then brought in, but had to work with the producers to slice the budget down to $90 million before it got its greenlight.

Since those cuts were made, the studio had been working on putting a cast together with Hedlund landing the lead and Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter and Ken Watanabe still working out deals.

Set in New Manhattan, the cyberpunk sci-fi epic follows the leader of a biker gang who must save his friend, discovered with potentially destructive psychokinetic abilities, from government medical experiments.


New Kristen interview from ‘Estilo Pacificard’ Magazine


There are some moments a girl never forgets: her first kiss, her wedding day, the moment her husband sinks his teeth in her neck and turns her into a vampire…

For Bella Swan, the heroine of the Twilight Saga, that was a decisive moment. “She is the most sensational vampire”, assures Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella Swan in the movies. “She’s untouchable. I was dying to see the last two movies, because she has changed so much since the first one, when she was a very confused 17 year old girl. Now she becomes a matriarch in the Cullen clan” Stewart continues.

It was a fresh morning in a Beverly Hills Hotel, a multitude of Twilight fans were together to wait for the star. Instead of hiding behind her bodyguards and publicists, Stewart gave herself time to greet the fans, stopping to shake hands, give hugs or sign posters.

The 21 year old actress looks slender; she’s dressed with black pants and a gray sweater, when she’s nervous she bites her lip, habit less evident these days, in which she is more comfortable with her movie star life style.

“You will never hear me complain about how hard it is to be famous or how horrible it is to be chased by fans”, she assures, “I chose this life and I’m having a great time”

Breaking Dawn, movie based on the last book of the successful Saga from Stephanie Meyer, will premiere in two parts. The second one will be on theaters on November 2012. Stewart confirms she agreed completely with the director’s decision to split the 754 pages book into two movies.

It simply was the best they could do. In the book there are too many events and I wouldn’t want any of them to be missed”, she explains.

In this movie, Bella and Edward Cullen finally get married, they live a passionate honeymoon and later, they found out she’s pregnant of a half vampire half human baby. This causes fatal consequences to Bella, which body isn’t designed to carry a vampire baby.

“I was dying to get married and have a kid” Stewart says. “I was anxious like every fan to finally see Edward and Bella’s daughter. I think the movie is faithful to the idea that in life we make decisions that we can’t undo”.

The actress adds that the wedding scene was according to her expectations. “I love that, in that scene, it was the guy the one who waited anxiously, in general we see that the girl is the one dying to get married. You can’t deny Edward’s emotion in his face”.

The most probable thing is that neither of them had to fake much in the hottest scenes, because they are a couple in real life, even though they deny it.

Daughter of John Stewart, Fox producer, and Jules Mann-Stewart, script supervisor, Stewart grew up with her three brothers in Los Angeles. She entered the entertainment business when a talent seeker discovered her in a Christmas show at her elementary school.

Her screen debut was with The Safety Objects (2001). Then she played Jodie Foster’s daughter in The Panic Room (2001), followed by Speak (2004), Into the Wild (2007) and The Cake Eaters (2007), before Twilight (2008). Since then she has played main roles in Adventureland (2009), Welcome to the Rileys (2010) and The Runaways (2010).

This last movie, in which she played rock star Joan Jett, gave her a comfortable way to answer the fans which handsome man from Twilight, Pattinson or Lautner, was a better kisser on screen. “I’ve kissed Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Dakota Fanning, in The Runaways, says Stewart laughing, “I’m just going to say Dakota is a very good kisser”.  


‘Robsten’ trends on Twitter!

Woot, woot! It’s so exciting when something Twilight-related trends on Twitter, but when it’s about Robsten, it’s a BFD! ;)  Top-trending, too! This just goes to show how powerful this fandom is, even when there’s nothing big going on! Random! 
UPDATE: ‘Robsten sex’ is trending on Twitter now! lmao Persistent fandom is persistent…and horny? ;)

Christina Ricci comments about kissing Rob in ‘Bel Ami’

Vanity Fair Italy: In March, there’s the release of her new film, BEL AMI, in which she has an affair with Robert Pattinson. Are you aware of being one of the most envied women in the world?

Christina Ricci:. I know, I know. Everyone keep asking me how it was to kiss Robert. Like I said, he’s a good kisser. And I’m not being nice. It’s just like that.

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