New FanPics of Kristen in Nashville – Feb 18

Looks like Kristen is in Nashville with a friend co-directing a music video, and a lucky Instagrammer got to be in it! P.S. anyone like the placement of that particular sign below her arm in the first pic? ;)


@_birnah Just met Kristen Stewart and got to be in a music video that her friend was making!!! #happy #Nashville #KristenStewart #exchangestudent

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Kristen’s Interview w/ PopSugar [Rosabotanica Press Day]

Kristen shared her at-home beauty secrets with the team at PopSugar Beauty today, and gave us some more gorgeous HQ photos to boot! Check out our snippet of the article below, and the full article here!

POPSUGAR: You’ve been the face of Balenciaga for a few seasons now. What draws you back to the house?

Kristen Stewart: Following through with the telling of the whole story — the basis of where the perfume lives. Nicolas [Ghesquière] started with Florabotanica and the idea that that girl was traversing this dangerous but beautiful and exotic garden. And she was sort of extracting these scents and becoming herself. And it continued, and the story was just awesome and interesting. We always planned on following through with it.

PS: What was it like shooting the new campaign?

KS: It was fun and cool. The imagery that is on my body was physically there. The flowers were all handmade, perfectly formed paper flowers. It was cool to see those in person.

PS: Explain the decision to go topless for it?

KS: It was just about being simple. We had no intention of suggesting that I was completely naked. It was just about making it about the fragrance and the imagery.

PS: How would you describe your beauty look in the ad?

KS: It was taking something clean and making it slightly more mature and a little bit more daring. The first ad was really clean makeup and not much going on. In this one, it’s a bit more forward.

Article and Photos Source: PopSugar

New Park City TV interview with Kristen and the rest of the main cast of Camp X-Ray

Park City TV caught up with the cast of Camp X-Ray on the red carpet at Sundance last week, and we get some great snippets from Peter Sattler and each actor about the movie and its depth. Those of us who are waiting impatiently to see this movie are just getting more and more pumped! Check it out:

Source: YouTube / Park City Television