New Park City TV interview with Kristen and the rest of the main cast of Camp X-Ray

Park City TV caught up with the cast of Camp X-Ray on the red carpet at Sundance last week, and we get some great snippets from Peter Sattler and each actor about the movie and its depth. Those of us who are waiting impatiently to see this movie are just getting more and more pumped! Check it out:

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Kristen explains her year off acting in new interviews

Check out this article and videos from MTV and Extra at Sundance. Kristen tells us more about why she took a year off acting, and how she believes it made her a better actor. And as Melissa knows from viewing Camp X-Ray, she’s right – this is her best work yet! The video is posted at the bottom.

"Camp X-Ray" Premiere - Arrivals - 2014 Sundance Film Festival

Check out the full MTV article and video here.

“I had sort of been considering taking time off for a long time, but this was not planned,” Stewart said. “I’m a total workaholic, and if there’s something out there that feels worth it, then I will work through Christmas. It doesn’t matter.”

The reason behind the year off had more to do with not finding the right material for a next project. “It was simply because I didn’t find anything that I really dug,” she said.

Eventually “Camp X-Ray,” the story of an unlikely friendship between a Guantanamo Bay guard and a detainee, came along and ended Stewart’s search for a project.

The time off was valuable, however unplanned it was. Stewart explained that, in her opinion, time away is required to stay sharp as an actor. “It is important to fill the well. As an actor, all you want to do is give as much as can, and obviously, you need experience to draw from,” she said. “Not to say that you’re not having experience while making movies. It’s nice to decompress and recharge. It really is a necessary step to being a good actor.”

Article Source: MTV / reporting by @kpsull and @joshuahorowitz

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Camp X-Ray: Peter Sattler says what the film is REALLY about in new Indiewire article

In this new article from Indiewire, Camp X-Ray director Peter Sattler talks in-depth about the movie’s message and the challenges faced by the cast and crew during filming. Everything we read about this movie just gets us more and more excited! Check out the full article here.

Peter Sattler

What it’s really about: “It’s about a really shitty job. It’s about being surrounded by  co-workers you don’t like. It’s about being interested in someone you’re not supposed to be. It’s about the grunts  having to clean up the mess that was created in the wake of 9/11. It’s  about bureaucracy. It’s about a quarterlife crisis. It’s about hope, or  the lack thereof. It’s about loneliness. It’s about the mundane minutiae of everyday life, just shaped and warped through the surreal lens of  Guantanamo Bay.”

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Camp X-Ray featured in “35 Independent Movies You Should Be Excited About This Year”

The writers at Complex Media have put together a list of 35 independent films for 2014 for us to be excited about, and one of our soon to be faves made the list – Camp X-Ray! What one of the writers of this feature wrote regarding Kristen’s performance has us all kinds of excited. Read the blurb below, and check out the article on Camp X-Ray (as well as the other featured films) here!

camp x-ray 2

Kristen Stewart spent most of 2013 M.I.A., but it looks like she’ll be reclaiming the spotlight this year with a film that’s a far cry from what made her an international phenomenon. In Camp X-Ray, Stewart stars as Amy Cole, a small town girl who enlists in the military to escape her seemingly meaningless existence. She doesn’t get thrown into the battlefield like she imagines. Rather, she’s stationed as a guard at Guantanamo Bay’s Camp X-Ray, a temporary detention facility where she not only encounters the most hostile inmates, but unexpectedly forms a life-changing friendship with one of the detainees.

An official Sundance competition selection, Camp X-Ray is poised to be the film that’ll shut up every Kristen Stewart hater.

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New image of Kristen in Camp X-Ray from Twitter

Michael Perricone, a sound mixer for Camp X-Ray, shared a photo on Twitter today of himself, Peter Sattler, and Will Files in front of a (blurry) image of the film where we get a glimpse at the back of Kristen’s head. Hey, some days our fandom lives for blurry pics, right? Who’s excited for Sundance?!

His Tweet reads: “Last day of the mix on Camp X-Ray with Peter, Will Files, and me. Next stop #Sundance! #campxraymovie #KristenStewart”

camp x-ray

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